Diversity & Inclusion

We are dedicated to creating an anti-racist and inclusive environment for our employees, artists, and community. We understand that this is an ongoing process for us as a company, and we continue working towards making Threadless a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. Some of the practices that help us create a more equitable environment include prioritizing underrepresented artists and hosting DEI workshops for our employees.

Racial Equity

As a company we cannot be idle in the fight to end racism. Our team participates in workshops that confront and act against our own unconscious biases. We also fundraise for organizations fighting systemic racism around the globe.


We are firm believers that love is love. We foster a community that is safe and supportive to people of all identities. We want you to feel comfortable being who you are, free of judgment.

Gender Equity

Women have influence in every part of Threadless, from our team to our artist community. We also accommodate our nonbinary artists by enabling them to present their products in ungendered categories in their Artist Shops.

Body Positivity

Threadless is a place for artists and customers of all shapes and sizes. We continue to evolve our lineup of apparel to include size-inclusive options so that everyone can comfortably wear their favorite art.

Underrepresented Artists

In our promotions and initiatives, we prioritize artists from underrepresented communities to boost their visibility, voices, and sales. We use our marketplace as a positive, supportive force that uplifts our artist community.


Though we are a remote-first company, we still make an effort to ensure employees with disabilities have the tools and equipment they need to work comfortably. We offer a yearly stipend for our employees to use on building their own home office.

We All Belong

Diversity is what makes Threadless so special. Members of our community come from all walks of life, and that has a direct influence on everything we do. Regardless of your background, your unique perspective helps shape Threadless.

No Hate

To ensure the safety and well-being of our diverse community, we do not tolerate any designs with hateful and/or offensive language, symbols, or phrases. We’re always developing strategies that catch and swiftly remove offending designs.


Threadless Causes lets you use your purchasing power for good. With every Causes–related product you purchase, the artist who created the design along with Threadless donates a portion of earnings to an organization doing vital work in the world.